Dinner Church: Love, Pray Eat!

First Sunday of every month, 5-6:30 p.m. in our Parish Hall

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Come be part of something extraordinary!


Call us:
(303) 424-1118

Or drop a note to our priest:


Dinner Church: Love, Pray, Eat is an exciting new ministry undertaken by the people of St. James in hopes of appealing to folks who find our traditional Sunday morning worship service just too ... well ... traditional.

Love, Pray, Eat is a different approach to building a community of faith. Our worship is centered around a nourishing meal. We have good food, prepared by our own chef-in-residence and supplemented by bread and desserts community members bring from home.

Like the earliest Christians, we break bread and we share wine. We sing fun songs. We offer prayers. We discuss Scripture over dinner, especially as it relates to our 21st century lives. We laugh. We bond. We seek to serve Christ and each other. We wash the dishes and take out the trash. We build community. We become the Body of Christ. 

If you're a committed Christian, come and join us, and let us deepen our faith together.

If you're not too sure about this God-stuff, come and join us, and let us show you what we're about.

If you've got questions, come and join us, and let's explore together, in a safe and welcoming environment. (And let the record show, we believe in science around here. We don't think that's incompatible with belief in God, too.)

And if you've been hurt by the church in the past, come and join us, because we're all wounded in some way, and we can help each other heal.

We are family-friendly, disability-friendly, LGBT-friendly, vegan-friendly and pet-friendly. 

Think of this as Sunday Dinner at Dad's! With apologies to Dusty Springfield, we're just dishing' and cookin' and drinking' and praying'...