The strength to keep on walking

At some point, Jesus got off his ass and started walking.

(Off his four-legged Palm Sunday taxi! What did you think I meant?)

He knew what he was walking into. He knew that before the week was out, he’d spend a harrowing evening praying that God would let a certain cross-filled cup pass from him, and that the friends he’d asked to wait with him would fall asleep instead. He knew how frustrating that would be. But Jesus kept on walking anyway.

He knew that one of his closest companions would betray him, and that he’d be handed over to authorities who would torture him, mock him, spit on him. But Jesus kept on walking anyway.

He knew that the crowds that had hailed him upon his grand entrance into the city would turn on him and call for his death. But Jesus kept on walking anyway.

He knew about the cross and the nails and the humiliation and the pain and the final sense of abandonment that awaited him if he continued on the path he was taking. But Jesus kept on walking anyway.

What sheer determination and faith it must have taken to keep on walking into the face of all of that. What must it have cost him emotionally and physically? How do you make your feet keep moving, keep taking one step after another in a single direction, when in your heart you’d rather turn and run?

During Holy Week, we are asked to take those frightening, terrible steps alongside Jesus. We are invited to share the frustration, the fear, the pain and, hopefully, taste also the determination, the indomitable spirit that fueled our Savior during his life week of life.

So let’s get off our asses too, and walk with him.  –  Becky +