Love, Pray, Eat – It all begins May 7

We’ve planned. We’ve experimented. We’ve beta-tested. We’ve revised and revised some more. And we’ve done a lot of praying about it. Now, we’re ready to move forward.

St. James will officially launch a new Sunday evening service – Dinner Church: Love, Pray, Eat – on May 7, starting at 5 p.m. in our Parish Hall. It will be every week.

 We’ve done three trial runs of this experimental new liturgy, all with hand-picked volunteers. We wanted to get it right because we didn’t want to invite the public to something that fell flat. But now, we’re going live and we’re going to invite everybody.

 We don’t know what will happen. I fantasize about it being a huge success, drawing in dozens of new people, especially those who can’t or won’t come to a traditional Sunday morning service. Nothing would make me happier.

 It’s also possible that, despite our best efforts, we’ll fail to attract any newcomers with this service. If that’s the case, then we’ll know this just wasn’t the ministry God intended for St. James to undertake, and we’ll keep looking for the path we’re meant to follow. But we’ll give it at least a season to see how things go.

I hope you’ll come and experience Love, Pray, Eat for yourself. Really, it’s nothing like what we do on Sunday morning. And it’s not meant to be a substitute service for our existing parishioners. The last thing we want is to draw folks away from our principal Sunday morning worship. I want you to come to both services. Come on Sunday mornings to be fed and to nurture your own spirit. Come on Sunday evening to help us reach out to others, and to help provide a critical mass that will be inviting and enticing to newcomers.

 Meantime, please help us spread the word. Please repost information about the service to your Facebook page, or help us pass out postcards, or email details to friends who might enjoy this, or invite a friend to come with you to see what this is all about. We have a wonderful story to tell here at St. James. Let’s use all the means at our disposal to tell it.