Our cup ran over on Saint James Day

It took a village, but we did it.

Sunday’s St. James Day/Homecoming celebration was all we could have asked for and then some. The weather was picture perfect. The band was delightful. There were scores of people and mountains of food. And the fellowship went on well into the afternoon.

We had 79 in attendance – 81 if you count the two dogs, and 87 if you count the folks who arrived after the service ended but still in time to eat.

And what a great assortment of folks it was! In addition to our usual parishioners, we had friends of parishioners; we had kids and grandkids of parishioners; we had former parishioners who came back for the day; we had first-time visitors; we had out-of-town visitors; we had folks who live in the neighborhood who decided to drop in; we even had a pretty large contingent of Rocky Mountain News alumni who came out to watch two of their own in action together!

In short, our cup of blessings overflowed on Sunday. I hope you agree.

There are many, many folks to whom we owe thanks, including:

·      Martin Mooney, who chaired the event

·      Shirley Mosher, who organized the food, and who was here just about every day last week making preparations, and her ever-ready kitchen partner, Rita Lord

·      Stephen Anthony, who organized the set-up and take-down of all the tables, chairs and liturgical needs

·      Harry Johnson, Stephen Anthony, John Applegate, Ford Demming, Steve Lord, Martin Mooney, Robyn Stephens, Tommie Stephens, Donna Hallewell, and at least a dozen other people who hauled heavy loads out and then back in

·      Ford Demming, Nancy Herrera and Karen McCall, who sweated over a hot grill

·      Harry Johnson, who drenched himself repairing a flood in the men’s room before the service began

·      Carol Johnson and Bev Thomas, who scoured countless computer files to come up with a list of accurate addresses for former parishioners. At the service, they both worked overtime to greet visitors and keep track of who was here.

·      The members of Retro Grass, who were phenomenal

·      Chris Minich, who secured such fabulous desserts for us

·      Mark McElwain, the owner of Sound Town, who came by early Sunday to ensure our outdoor speakers were set up and functioning properly

·      Rose Applegate who made sure the outdoor altar was properly dressed, and who donated the altar flowers

·      Fred Mast, who shot photos throughout the service

·      All the folks who brought food in such abundance

·      All those who invited friends and loved ones to join us

For me, one of the most endearing moments – in a day filled with special moments – came near the end, when the band had us circle up, join hands and sing “Will the Circle be Unbroken?” It was a poignant reminder that we are all part of a great and unending circle of love. And on this day, St. James’ part in that circle was especially strong.