Top 10 Things I Learned from our Spring Tea

Top 10 Things I Learned from Saturday’s Spring Tea

10. People who haven’t been to St. James in awhilecan’t believe how great the place looks! I heard this repeatedly on Saturday. Those of us who are here every week don’t tend to notice all the incremental changes that have taken place. But the difference between the St. James of six months ago and the St. James of today is noteworthy to folks seeing it all at once. We’re brighter, neater, more pleasing to the eye. This is a direct result of the fine work done by our indefatigable Tuesday Work Crew. 

9. A pint jar can hold 205 peanut M&Ms. This is way more than I would have thought! 

8.  Cathy Loomis is a creative genius.There’s just no disputing that now. That tree! Amazing! Guess what: We’re talking about keeping it and entering it as a float in the Wheat Ridge Carnation Days parade. The theme is “Deep Roots.” How perfect is that? 

7.  The actual number of English words you can make using the letters in “TEA PARTY” is 123, including five that contain six letters, but none that have more than six letters. If you count the word “a” – which I think you should given that it’s a commonly used article even if it’s illegal in Scrabble – that raises the count to 124. Who knew?

6.  Episcopal Punch is pretty darn good punch. I don’t know what Ginny McColm put in it, but it was delicious. I drank more punch than tea. 

5.  A full parish hall is a happy parish hall. I want to see our Parish Hall that full EVERY week. It was loud. It was filled with laughter. It was so crowded, you had to turn sideways to squeeze between the tables. It was absolutely glorious. 

4.  The men of St. James are the best.Ever! Honestly, I never thought we’d top the Easter Pageant, when so many of our men agreed to put on bathrobes and sandals and be part of a play. But the guys in their bow ties, serving tea to all those ladies … I could not love them more. Thank you Harry Johnson, Matt McColm, John McCormac, Mark McFadden and John Applegate. You are awesome! 

3.  The women of St. James are the best. Ever! Shirley Mosher and Rita Lord spent untold hours setting things up. Rita and Cathy Loomis never sat down, as far as I could tell. The food was outstanding. Do sandwiches always taste better when they’re cut in little triangles? 

2.  If you want an event done right, put Karen McCall in charge of it. I don’t know how she keeps straight all the things she has to do. But she does, and she makes it look effortless. All I can say is, her retirement from the postal service was a gift to Saint James. 

1. NEVER underestimate the power of this congregationto do the extraordinary when we all pull together. One hundred and twelve tickets sold. More than $1,600 raised. Dozens of visitors coming into our parish hall and feeling welcomed. And loads of delicious leftovers for the staff to munch on this week. This was a sweet success worth savoring for awhile.