Volunteers keep parish office humming this summer

We may be without a paid parish administrator for the summer, but an amazing group of volunteers is keeping things humming along in our church office. I am humbled and gratified by their hard work. 

 Kathy Lehmanhas the Monday morning shift, and Pearl Reuterhas the Wednesday afternoon shift. Between them they’ve taken on the project of updating our Parish Directory. They’ve been calling, emailing and cornering people at church, seeking to make sure we have all the appropriate contact information, correct spelling of names, and photos. And they’ve just about completed this labor-intensive task. You’ll be hearing more about the new directory – which will be available online, as an app for your smart phone, or in old-fashioned printed versions – within the next couple of weeks. I think you will be amazed, as I am, at how nice it looks and how easy it will be to use and to keep updated. 

 Lynnell Harkinshas the Monday afternoon shift. Lynnell has made it her mission to create hard copy files for every member at Saint James. This is in addition to our digital data base. Into these hard copy folders we’ll put emergency contact info, funeral plans, Legacy Society gifts, certificates showing completion of Safeguarding training, Eucharistic Visitor Training, etc. This is a project I’ve been trying to get done ever since I arrived, and only now am I seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to Lynnell’s hard work. 

 Rose Applegateis our all-day Tuesday volunteer. She has taken on the thankless and challenging job of creating our weekly worship bulletins. We have software that helps with this, but there’s quite a learning curve and this is no small task. And when a mistake is made, it’s right out there for everyone to see on Sunday. This job is, of course, on top of everything elseRose does for our parish, including directing the Altar Guild, directing our corps of Eucharistic Visitors, serving on the vestry and heading up our pastoral care team. And being an acolyte and a lector. Rose says she has this medical condition that somehow causes her hand to go up every time we ask for volunteers! 

 Diane Sunstrumis our Wednesday morning person. Her task – provided Rose has finished creating the bulletins on Tuesday – is to fold them and get them ready for distribution on Sunday. FYI, our bulletins – indeed, everything we printed – had been looking awfully splotchy lately, with what looked like smears on virtually every other page. I’m pleased to report we’ve finally gotten that fixed, and everything should look much more pristine going forward. 

 Susan Clemons– who’s here just about every day for one reason or another – has taken on the project of reorganizing our storage room. It looks fantastic! Susan and Ginny McColm took on my office while I was away back in May, and I can attest to their superior organizational skills. Susan’s other regular job, by the way, is making sure the toilet paper dispensers are always full. It’s those little things that bespeak hospitality, you know. 

 Karen McCallhas taken over the task of bringing in the mail, sorting through it and taking care of any bills that she finds.  Rita Lordpulled a Thursday morning shift, answering the phone and helping out with the directory. Karen Gillespieand Denise Gonzaleshave also offered to help out. I’m just figuring out what devilishly challenging tasks I can come up with for them as well. 

 In addition to all this, Rose and Pearl have begun cleaning and rearranging the office to make it more efficient. And the last time I saw Pearl, she was taking a whack at our filing system, getting it better organized. 

 In short, all I can say is that I feel sorry for our next parish administrator. That person’s gonna have a hard act to follow, because our summer office volunteers are so awesome. Thanks be to God.