Who we are

Saint James Episcopal Church began in April, 1952 when about 15 people gathered at the Denver home of Archdeacon E.A.C. Smith to discuss the possibility of starting a new parish in the community of Wheat Ridge. All agreed it was a good idea, and the bishop decreed it should be named "Saint James," in honor of Christ's disciple of the same name, the brother of John, and the patron saint of Spain. 

Services were held in the basement of the Grange Hall until October, 1952, when the diocese of Colorado purchased two acres at 44th Avenue and Brentwood. At the time, a little pink farmhouse on the site became our first church building. In January, 1953, the Rev. C. Normal Middleton was appointed the part-time vicar of St. James. On Dec. 21, 1953, the newly-ordained Walter Neary became our first full-time vicar. 

The rest, as they say, is history!

Over the ensuing decades, we've had periods of dramatic growth and periods of loss and change. We like to think that we're now getting ready to embark on another period of growth – but big or small, growing or shrinking, we intend always to be an outpost of Christ's love in the heart of our community. 

We are a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, under the direction and guidance of our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Robert J. O'Neill. The Diocese of Colorado is one of 109 dioceses of The Episcopal Church, which is located in the United States and 16 other nations. It is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.